They say that beauty comes from the inside, and it’s true.

That common phrase not only refers to your personality and character, but to your physical beauty as well.

Your outward appearance is affected by what you put into your body – healthy foods, vitamins and supplements can affect everything from your mood and energy levels to the healthy glow of your skin.

As you know from the rows of shelves at your health food store or pharmacy, there are a number of supplements and vitamins that can help to enhance your health, have a positive nutritional impact on your health and positively affect your skin and other parts of your body.

There are common vitamins and multivitamins; minerals and supplements such as amino acids, enzymes, magnesium, calcuim, phosphorous and magnesium; live bacteria and yeasts such as probiotics; and other nutritional supplementsĀ like proteins and Omega-3 fatty acids.

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