Nogales, Arizona, located on the border just north of the city of Nogales, Mexico, is a small town of 20,000 residents. Nogales is the county seat of Santa Cruz County, Arizona.

If you do not plan to cross the Mexican border, you may find that you would like to spend some time in Nogales, Arizona, visiting one of the professional health and beauty services located there. Most notably, Nogales Arizona has many beauty and nail salons.

If you prefer, it is possible to avoid passing through Nogales, Arizona by driving down I-19 until you arrive at the point where the interstate terminates at the border, and pulling into one of the border parking lots that are a short walk from the DeConcini pedestrian border crossing.

And before you cross the border, you may want to check out one of the duty-free stores on Terrace Avenue to check out the deals on tax-free tobacco and alcohol, as well as other tax-free products like colognes and jewelry.