Ambos Nogales

Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora


Nogales is actually two cities that are joined by a big, ugly border fence. On the north side of that fence is Nogales, Arizona, a sleepy town of 20,000 residents that is the county seat of Santa Cruz County, Arizona and home to one of the highest urban concentrations of Border Patrol officers in the United States.

On the south side of the fence is Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, a thriving city of 230,000 residents that has grown rapidly in recent years due to an influx of people from all parts of Mexico who have come to the border to work in “maquiladora” factories.

This rapid population expansion has also caused Nogales, Mexico to pass its sister city in urbanization, sophistication, and economic growth and development. If you are in Ambos Nogales and want a Papa John’s pizza, you will need to go to Nogales, Mexico. The same applies for other popular American businesses like Staples and Sam’s Club.

Nogales, Mexico also features other opportunities for visitors, like casino gambling and, of course, reasonably priced medical, dental, health and wellness services.