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Nogales, Mexico Weight Management Consultants


Maria Antonietta Solis Canevett
Esparta 208
Nogales, Sonora
+52 (631) 209-9862

Maria Teresa Garcia Leyva
John F. Kennedy 521
Nogales, Sonora
+52 (631) 313-3471

Dr. Aureliano Guerrero Armenta
Nogal y Tacupeto
Nogales, Sonora
+52 (631) 314-4649

Francisco Humberto Parra Mata
Maclovio Herrera 1003
Nogales, Sonora
+52 (631) 313-9444

I want to lose weight, but it is so difficult. None of the fad diets work, and Tucson diet doctors cost an arm and a let – which is definitely not the way I wanted to shed pounds. What did I do? I took a short drive to the border and saw a weight management doctor in Nogales, Mexico who assessed my body type and diet, and put me on a regimen that included some gentle but effective weight loss drugs that I could get in the Nogales pharmacy at a fraction of the price of what is charged in the US, if the diet meds would even be available in the United States. Am I happy? Well, I am losing weight gently, effectively and in an economical way – and I feel great. No more do I have the anxiety and frustration when I think about losing weight, losing pounds, weight loss drugs, nutrisystem, weight watchers, exercise, medically supervised weight loss, dropping pounds, fitting into that dress, looking good for photos, getting ready for my wedding, stressing about how I will look at the family reunion, or any of that. You should check out Nogales weight loss doctors too!