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Nogales, Mexico Medicinal Plants and Herbs


Nogales Sonora Natural Plant and Herbal Remedies


Farmacia Silvia’s
Pesquiera #3
+52 (631) 304-4156
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Hierbería Natura
Avenida Obregón 177
Colonia Centro
+52 (631) 312-1449

La Abeja Reyna
Centro Naturista
Ave. Instituto Tecnologico No. 870
Colonia Granja
+52 (631) 314-5631

Tienda Naturista
Nuevo Mundo Sano
Avenida Obregon #167
+52 (631) 298-6927

Yerbas Medicinales
Calle Gonzalez e Hidalgo #128
+52 (631) 312-5202

Herbal medicine is not based on science. Rather than undergoing scientific rigor in a laboratory, herbal remedies are more based on human experience and tradition. Explore the options for natural plant-based remedies at a Nogales medicinal plant store. And you will not need a prescription to bring them across the border. To find more information about traditional natural plant-based medicine in Nogales Mexico you may want to use the following search terms: nogales healing, nogales herbal medicine, nogales hierberias, Farmacia Silvia, Hierbería Natura, La Abeja Reyna, Tienda Naturista, Nuevo Mundo Sano, Yerbas Medicinales