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Nogales, Mexico Border Beauty Salons


Find a beauty salon in Nogales, Sonora where you can find the latest styles and fashion for great prices! We have organized the Nogales beauty salons by their location – those that are close to the border, those in the upscale Kennedy / El Greco area, those along Avenida Obregon south of the downtown border district, and those in other areas of Nogales, Mexico.


Border-Area Beauty Salons

Kennedy / El Greco Area Beauty Salons

Avenida Obregon Beauty Salons

Salons in Other Areas of Nogales

Nogales Health and Beauty has a directory of listings of beauty salons in Nogales, Mexico. Directories of Nogales beauty salons are conveniently organized into 1) salons near the border; 2) salons in the El Greco / Nogales Mall area; and 3) salons along Avenida Obregon. Find a great Nogales beauty salon today on Nogales Health and Beauty