One advantage to living on the border in Nogales is that you have access to products and services in two countries. And that accessibility includes professional healthcare services.

Although Nogales, Arizona is technically considered to be a rural area with respect to hospitals and healthcare, the small border town has its own hospital with a med-evac helicopter, and several clinics, physicians and medical specialists.

And the options for medical professionals multiply as you travel from just south of the border from Nogales, Arizona to the Mexican city with the same name. Nogales, Sonora, Mexico has 15 times as many residents as its northern sister city, and large number of doctors who practice a variety of medical specialties.

Because of a lack of hospital trauma care in Nogales, Mexico, we do not recommend that you undergo serious surgery or other potentially dangerous procedures there. However, there are many medical specialties where you can find a competent doctor who can provide medical assistance at a cost that is much less than you would pay north of the border.