In Mexico, as in the United States and other countries, physicians who choose to specialize in a specific area of medicine must spend years of study and practical experience.

There are a number of medical doctors in Nogales, Sonora who are qualified to practice in a certain specialization, such as gynecology, dermatology, opthalmology or homeopathy.

You may find that they offer a new perspective on the treatment and healing process, and not only are they typically more accessible than their colleagues north of the border, their professional fees are generally much less than you would pay to see a medical specialist in the U.S.

We have listed practitioners of several medical specialties that offer services to patients in Nogales, Sonora, just click on a link for that particular medical specialty. And if you would like information about a specialization that is not listed here, or have any other feedback, please contact us. Thank you for visiting Nogales Health and Beauty!