Herbal medicine is not based on science. Rather than undergoing scientific rigor in a laboratory, herbal remedies are more based on human experience and tradition.

The use of medicinal plants for healing and to improve well-being is a body of knowledge that has developed over centuries, and its origins pre-date science-based pharmaceutical products.

That does not mean that herbal remedies are any less effective than modern miracles of pharmacology; on the contrary, many believe that natural cures are a better way to treat common health problems and improve one’s quality of life.

At a minimum, healing plants can be used as an option when manufactured medication has not helped to alleviate a condition. And they will be less likely to have undesired side effects, and will probably cost less as well.

However, be aware that because these are natural products, their quality may vary, making dosage more difficult. And, some natural remedies may have medication interactions, so be sure to consult with your physician when taking natural plant products.

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