A few years ago, some of Mexico’s most talented dental professionals moved their established clinics from renowned dental centers like Guadalajara and Monterrey, and established modern dental clinics in Nogales, Mexico.

Since then, Nogales has become a center of excellence for dental care on the border, with skilled dentists who practice in modern clinics using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.

And perhaps the best news is that these quality dental services cost only a fraction of what dentists north of the border charge. In fact, up to 60 percent less.

Many dentists have clinics in the upscale Kennedy – Greco area of Nogales, Sonora. It is a very nice place to visit, with a mall, casinos and upscale restaurants and bars.

But the main concentration of dental professionals who cater to cross-border dental patients have offices within a short walking distance of the border, in the secure border tourism zone.

Take a look around and find a dental professional that is right for you. And if you have questions, give them a call and ask – most offices have U.S. phone numbers that are answered by an English-speaking person.

And for more information about Nogales, Mexico dentistry, we recommend that you visit the Nogales Dentists Directory.